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October 4th, 2005 (October 04 2005)BirthPrince Emmanuel of Belgium
October 4th, 2005 (October 04 2005)DeathStanley K. Hathaway, American politician (born in 1924)
October 4th, 1985 (October 04 1985)EventFree Software Foundation is founded in Massachusetts, USA.
October 4th, 1975 (October 04 1975)EventA Cessna 310Q airplane crashes over Wilmington, North Carolina, killing the pilot and severely injuring several pro wrestlers affiliated with the NWA s Mid-Atlantic promotion. One of the survivors is the legendary Ric Flair.
October 4th, 1975 (October 04 1975)BirthCristiano Lucarelli, Italian football player
October 4th, 1975 (October 04 1975)DeathJoan Whitney Payson, American heiress (born in 1903)
October 4th, 1965 (October 04 1965)EventThe first Pope to ever visit the United States of America, Pope Paul VI arrives in New York.
October 4th, 1965 (October 04 1965)BirthSkip Heller, American musician
October 4th, 1955 (October 04 1955)BirthJorge Valdano, Argentine footballer
October 4th, 1955 (October 04 1955)DeathAlexander Papagos, Greek general and political leader (born in 1883)
October 4th, 1945 (October 04 1945)BirthClifton Davis, American actor
October 4th, 1935 (October 04 1935)DeathJean Beraud, French painter (born in 1849)
October 4th, 1935 (October 04 1935)DeathMarie Gutheil-Schoder, German soprano (born in 1874)
October 4th, 1895 (October 04 1895)EventThe first U.S. Open Men s Golf Championship administered by the United States Golf Association is played at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island.
October 4th, 1895 (October 04 1895)BirthBuster Keaton, American comedian (died in 1966)Buster Keaton Quotes
October 4th, 1795 (October 04 1795)EventNapoleon Bonaparte first rises to national prominence with a "Whiff of Grapeshot", using cannon to suppress armed counter-revolutionary rioters threatening the French Legislature (National Convention).Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
October 4th, 1785 (October 04 1785)DeathDavid Brearly, American statesman (born in 1703)
October 4th, 1725 (October 04 1725)EventFoundation of Rosario in Argentina.
October 4th, 1625 (October 04 1625)BirthJacqueline Pascal, French child prodigy (died in 1661)
October 4th, 1585 (October 04 1585)BirthAnna of Tyrol, Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire (died in 1618)
October 4th, 1515 (October 04 1515)BirthLucas Cranach the Younger, German painter (died in 1586)
October 4th, 1305 (October 04 1305)DeathEmperor Kameyama of Japan (born in 1249)

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